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Welcome to TA’s AeroFightersInc Home Page! I started playing WW2 Sims many years ago when the World War II flight Sim Air Warrior came out. I even played the 1.5 DOS version with one of my friends over the LAN even before massively Multi-player games hit the internet I played the 8 Player Head To Head games because I love to FURBALL flying anykind of Airplane. My FAVORITE plane is the F4U Corsair, well ALL OF THEM. If you want to learn to FLY, Land and Fight with the F4U Whistling Death and all the tricks of the trade, hop in and go for a ride with me. Just don’t be cutting any big ones while your in the back seat. I’ll have to ROLL inverted, open the canopy and drop you out, without a parachute! If you are Un-Lucky you will meet my VERY VERY HUNGRY friend SHARKEY. My Squadron was formed somewhere around 2006 and consist of my friends from long a go and new friends. Most of them are Courteous, Friendly, older gentlemen like me. Some are jokesters and some are still trying to be .. LOL. I try to avoid allowing SQUEAKERS in the squad. WE have a younger kids squad we send them to. My squadmates cannot use PROFANITY. If you use profanity over the loop or text you won’t be invited to my squad and kicked out too if necessary. A slip up here is ok but be ready for me to slap ya down. We primarily fly in the Dueling Arena in the FURBALLERS area. Its FUN INSTANT Action, not like the MAIN arenas.

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